THE E - OFFICES + HOTEL IN THE PARK The redevelopment of a former barracks building

A former barracks building, now part of the Green Business Park Mannheim, is being transformed into a place for new worlds of work. Loft-like offices and a hotel with 144 rooms are being created by reinterpreting the structural substance of the building, which has the shape of the letter E when viewed from the air.

Some facts at a glance

  • Total office space: 12,800 m²
  • Office space can be flexibly subdivided: 170 - 4,000 m²
  • Hotel room: 144
  • Public restaurant and bar
  • District heating connection
  • State-of-the-art fibre optic cables

The majority of the office units have already been completed and it is in these areas that the employees of the various tenants are using the new diverse working environments.
Construction work is currently being prepared for the last office unit that has not yet been completed, and the work is scheduled for completion in Q22 2024.

The building area of the hotel is currently in the shell construction phase.
Extensive construction measures are to be carried out in the existing building. In addition, the new construction areas (extensions to the existing building) are currently under construction.

The aim is to bring the existing building from the 1930s into the present, also in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency, and to meet high standards here.

  • Conversion of the building complex to geothermal energy
  • Occupation of the suitable roof areas with PV modules
  • Creation of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Sponge city concept for accumulating rainwater
  • KFW 55 For new buildings, KFW 100 for the existing building

The Green Business Park Mannheim, with a green share of approx. 20 % in the form of a park landscape, is considered the greenest business park in Germany.
In total, the new Green Business Park Mannheim covers an area of 46 hectares, on which approx. 80 companies with more than 2,200 jobs will be located. In addition, sufficient public parking spaces will be created. A key aspect of the new business park is its green core, which offers space for participation in public life and recreation. In the development of the new business park, 30 tonnes of recycled materials were used. The sustainable approach is also evident in the innovative infiltration concept, which ensures that not a drop of rainwater is lost.

A challenging project for us M&P Project GmbH as the commissioned project manager and thus part of the team of the client, 3iPro GmbH.
We will report on the construction progress and the progress of the project in general.

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