Parliamentary evening in Berlin: As a member of Munitect, M&P Nord supports the development of solutions for the clearance of munitions waste in the North Sea and Baltic Sea

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Substantial quantities of munitions were dumped in the North and Baltic Seas after both World Wars. Supposedly safely disposed of at the time, these contaminated military sites pose an ever-increasing danger to humans and the environment due to their progressive decay.

Not only the increasing economic use of the seas, e.g. by fishing and for the production of renewable energies, but also the use of the seas for tourism is therefore a concern that must be resolved as quickly as possible.

The Fraunhofer Institute, together with the Gesellschaft für Maritime Technik e.V. (Society for Maritime Technology) and the Munitect network, invited guests to a parliamentary evening at the Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin on 22 June 2022.

Under the patronage of Claudia Müller MdB, the Federal Government's coordinator for maritime economy and tourism, politicians and experts came together for impulse lectures and lively discussions. The good news is that the coalition agreement of the federal government stipulates the need for clean-up and that the 2023 budget provides funds for the pilot project, so we can get started.

As M&P North, we are pleased to be part of these important steps for cleaner seas and a better future.

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