Special use for our vibration measuring devices

On the site of the "Bochum Observatory" there are three so-called "Tagesüberhauen", mining relics of a former mine field. In mining terminology, a "Tagesüberhauen" is a mine workings constructed in the coal seam from the bottom up to the surface for the purpose of ventilation.

The three day openings are to be explored by drilling to a depth of about 20 m, taking into account the thickness of the overburden. Boreholes that open up the day openings, cavities and loose zones are then to be developed for backfilling.

In view of the potential hazards to the stability and serviceability of the nearby and nationally renowned "Bochum Observatory", TABERG Ingenieure GmbH was commissioned not only with the local construction supervision of the drilling work but also with the metrological monitoring of vibrations on the structures of the "Bochum Observatory". The vibration monitoring is intended to detect and prevent adverse effects of the drilling work on the building structure as well as on the "heart" of the observatory, the central parabolic antenna.

In addition to the reference values specified in DIN 4150-3 "Vibration in Civil Engineering - Part 3: Effects on Structural Systems", "nano-lines" and "vibration criteria" (VDI 2038, Sheet 2) were used to assess the serviceability of the highly sensitive parabolic antenna.

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