Expping and preserving water as a source of life

The focus of our performance is the work to protect groundwater from depletion and contamination. Competence and efficiency are our contribution to solving complex tasks and problems in the field of groundwater. The technical expertise of our department makes a decisive contribution to the resource-conserving and environmentally compatible design of all interventions in groundwater. Our department offers a comprehensive range of services and has qualified itself through professional competence.
  • Competent advice on setting up models (hydrological/geohydraulic)
  • Carrying out model calculations
  • Evaluation and interpretation of the calculation
  • Practice-oriented seminars and training for users hydrological software

We offer complete hydrological modelling and groundwater hydraulic calculation for groundwater volume and groundwater properties flow.
  • Geohydraulic and hydrological modelling
  • Project management
  • Hydrogeological and geological reports
  • Research
  • Software development
  • Hydrological reports
  • Hydrological modelling
  • Detection of groundwater reserves
  • Designation of drinking water protection areas
  • Planning and calculation of open pit mine drainage systems
  • Model-based prediction and epignosis of groundwater dynamics
  • Development of the groundwater modelling system PCGEOFIM with numerous mining-specific features
  • Hazard assessment of contaminated sites and contaminated sites
  • Development of tasks, studies and projects as well as accompanying engineering and expert activities

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Departmental Coordinator

Groundwater Alexander Thom grundwasser@mup-group.com

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Acid rain, agricultural influences or raw material extraction often lead to disturbances in the natural systems of surface waters. The M&P Group analyses the current state and develops solutions for the remediation of surface waters.

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The planning of flood protection measures requires the cooperation of many disciplines. As a rule, mathematical modelling is first required to determine the floodplain and the effect of the protective structures on water levels. Parallel to the planning of the necessary protective structures and the necessary compensatory measures (retention area compensation), the accompanying landscape conservation planning is carried out. In addition to this work, M&P has also taken over the implementation planning and the construction supervision for the engineering and landscape management part of projects on the Leine.

Hydraulic engineering

For the planning and construction of hydraulic engineering measures, M&P offers all engineering and landscape management works. M&P has worked on a large number of projects for these structures or construction measures required as part of renaturation or conversion measures.

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Our landfill drainage system service offers comprehensive solutions for effective maintenance and control of water capture and discharge. We offer a range of services to ensure the long-term proper operation of the drainage systems.

Our team of experts is experienced in planning and supporting drainage systems that meet the specific requirements of our customers.
  • Survey and condition assessment of drainage systems
  • Concept development for the exploration and investigation of drainage systems
  • Tendering, monitoring and evaluation of cleaning and TV inspection work
  • Sewer data collection programme (PIPEX), sewer register, sewer database
  • Deformation and settlement monitoring of seepage pipes and base seals
  • Planning and construction supervision of rehabilitation work on drainage facilities

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The M&P Group is committed to sustainable solutions for the supply of drinking water and the disposal and treatment of wastewater. The team of experts accompanies your projects from planning to execution.

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